Need help with form submission

Hi everyone I have built a hugo site for my family restaurant using the resto-hugo theme which also had this really handy feature of form submission however it just doesn’t seem to work and I can’t fully understand whats the problem.
I have hosted the website by using my vultr vps which is running Debian GNU/Linux and I have used the nginx webserver and cerbot to get https. My familiarity with web servers is very limited and I think it is some problem with it. If any one can guide me.
Here is the live link you can scroll to “Reservar una mesa” and try to reserve it but as soon as u send it nginx gives this error 405 not allowed.
Here is all the github code for the site which also includes the public one in case your interested.
Links to doc which may be of use or some details of whats wrong and how I can fix it is very appreciated. I am a total newbie when it comes to this and this is like the 2nd website I ever made.

Once again thanks a lot to whoever helps.

A form needs a form handler. Your forms don’t have one.

This is a decent explanation:

Search this forum for “contact form” to see how others have handled it.

Portions of the explanation on the Formbreeze site are identical to text in Steve Johnson’s book, Microsoft Expression Web 2 On Demand.

ok thank you ill look into it

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