PHP forms to sending leads for CPA-networks

Hello, friends! I’m planning to build a simple website to promote affiliate products from CPA-networks.

Hugo in the end generates a simple HTML website. But if I upload my HTML site to the virtual hosting, and most of virtual hostings supports PHP/nginx/apache by default.

Then can I just upload my PHP script in the root folder within the Hugo site, and handle my forms within HTML through my PHP script? To do that, will be enough to create a simple form within the HTML file, like <form method="get" action="form.php", then server will handle this, right? Or I’ve misunderstood things now?

Sorry, I’m a newbie in Hugo, worked with WordPress previously. In general, on my affiliate website, people will leave their name/phone number. And this data I need to send to my CPA-network account through their API.

Yes, in theory. Just try.

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