Need help with form handling

Hello! I am using the resto hugo theme here and it has a form to reserve tables. I have actually tried making it run a perl cgi script but it doesn’t work since I am using nginx and iit doesnt allow running CGI scripts. I have tried creating my own php but I cant make it work either.
If I can have someone to help me write a php script for this form. I basically want the php script to display a success html page when the customer submits the form and save the data taken from form to a .txt file or better email it somehow. This is the link to github and you can find the html code for the form under layouts/partials/reserve.html
Any help is massively appreciated as I seem to be stuck here

This is unlikely to happen. Please read:

I would start with

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Thank you very much Jmooring your a life saver I legit was stuck very hard on this process I think these ways could probably help me!
Thank you once again mate!

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