(Problem Solved) Form Submission Fix

UPDATE: This issue has been solved thank you.

Hi Hugo Crew.

Anyone interested in some random form/JS work? It might be a 15min solve, it might be an hour.

I have a small JS issue with a form on a website I’m migrating from static to Hugo (hosted on Netlify and using Netlfiy form submission). The issue is not related to Hugo; the issue is related to the original form JS (which submitted the form to the former server) and while I kinda know the cause of the problem I don’t know the fix: JS bamboozles me.

  • The page is live here: https://and.netlify.com/register-event/
  • There’s quite some JS involved in the former form. I just want to bypass the former form JS if/where possible and let the form submit to Netlify (which it’s already successfully doing) while retaining all the form validation
  • The form data is successfully sending the data to Netlify but the submit button is tied to the JS and on click it errors out and doesn’t actioning as needed (which is simply showing a “thank you” page on the website)

The job is urgent and I work on the Australian timezone. Let me know if you can help.

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