Need help merging two themes, willing to pay

Theme one:
Theme two :

my need :

  1. posts at theme 1’s writing section become theme 2 layout
  2. when click writing page, show posts with theme 2 layout
  3. when click specific tag, show posts with theme 2 layout

Summary: All posts in theme 1 have the same layout and features as theme 2, and you can write new posts with theme 2’s markdown file format

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Project requirements are confusing.
Which is supposed to be the master theme ?

Thank you

Theme 1 is the master theme,
need to merge theme 2 posts layout & features into theme 1’s posts,

The “posts” here in theme 1 specifically mean the articles on Writing section, not include Client & Work section.

If you’re interested, I can send you the source code of theme 1

Thank you for replying.

As I understand, you want some features of Moments theme incorporated in your purchased theme Akio.

I can do this as per your requirement.


  • based on the features you want migrated from Moments to Akio, we can create tasks and then milestones
  • I can then ascertain time and cost
  • We can then strike a deal and proceed for the work


  • I do see moments theme is a straightforward no frills theme however I was not able to view any article in it, maybe due to some issues in the demo site. Please do share the link of an article from Moments demo so I can have a better look at the features the single article of moment has. In any case, I can migrate or create any technically possible feature in Akio theme as per your requirement.

Please feel free to ask any questions.
I look forward to your response.

Thank you

please pm me your price and delivery time.
As for your query,
you can download moments and write a new post using your avatar, pictures, link, music or videos and see what’s going on,
thank you

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