Integrate Two Themes

I want make theme based on two theme, Universal-theme and hugo-learn-theme.
Is that possible?
Anyone who have experiences on this kind, please let me know kindly.
Warm Regards.

As far as I know, I’m afraid that you will have to do that manually. Make a copy of both, find the overlapping files/templates/etc, decide which to keep and copy over to a new theme.

Hi, Bep
Thanks for your response.

I have read about that discussion.
Means that, I can use simply multi themes by using

       ex:   theme = ["universal-theme", "hugo-learn-theme"]

Then, duplicate from left to right
Is this correct understanding?

Note that this is still in implementation, and its main use case isn’t to merge two complete themes – not sure how that would work (you kind of need to understand how this works).

But if you want to use the “hugo-learn-theme” as a base for your new theme, that would be a prime use case.

Hi, Bep
I have seen your Docuapi repo.
When I don’t need right dark code block, can I disable that?