Problem with Dimension Theme Ft. Hugo Easy Gallery

I’m implementing the Hugo Easy Gallery on my site but I have a problem with it in combination with the Dimension theme.

I run the gallery on this page:
When I click one of the images, the gallery doesn’t go full screen, but it seems ‘caputered’ in the underlaying layer of the theme. Screenshot:

Because of this, the gallery doesn’t go to the center of the display and doesn’t scale. Does someone know how I can avoid this so the gallery works as good as on the authors website? (

I would say, compare the page source of both sites and find the difference. Looks like you are starting from a kind of popup, but the original site is not.

Also I noticed something weird in your source:

			<script src="/js/jquery.min.js"></script>

Your jquery is being loaded between head and body. I’m not sure that’s valid html, is it? Or is that a thing?

I see what’s happening but I don’t know how… To much of a Noob for this atm. I kinda hoped that someone else had the same problem of had a quick fix for me :wink:

About the jquery; I think that it’s standard in the theme. Will look in to it.