Need blog architecture suggestions

Hi everyone! I’m new to Hugo and want to set up a personal blog. Here’re some functionality which I want to implement:

  1. hover and display hidden contents (scss)
  2. collapse for long contents (HTML)
  3. resize images
  4. table of contents
  5. double languages
  6. coding blocks (cant run simple python codes, etc)
  7. comments (do i need registration for these?)

My question is, is Hugo able to implement this? Or is there any good sample blog site based on Hugo that I can reference for these functions?

Thank you!

Short answer yes

if this means rendering Python (or other) as source to show the code

Hugo has no own discussion service but provides Disqus support. Other discussion systems can be integrated. Guess you will have to do some kind of registration for all.

The Hugo Themes page provides plenty of examples you can try. Choose and follow their instructions to setup