/nc-admin, a Hugo Module and starter CMS for Netlify CMS

I made my first functioning Hugo module, hugo-module-bc-nc-admin, and I’d love to get some feedback!
It’s a CMS that generates netlifycms config.yml files, by adding fields for all options - config, collections, and fields/widgets, and assembles them into collections for configs, collections, and (soon) fields. It’s built upon hugo-module-tnd-netlifycms by @regis and co.

The result is a very fast install-to-functioning-CMS. You:

  1. Add a single module to any hugo site config,
  2. start both local servers,
  3. navigate to /nc-admin, (It will look like this: TEST DRIVE)
  4. click create CMS,
  5. fill out the form, importing collection config, collection folder_collections, and collection files_collections to the collections: field.
  6. restart Hugo.

From there, you can create collections directly in, or for import to config.yml, and start adding content to your site. I hope you all find it useful.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think!


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actually very nice