Test Subjects needed (Netlify + Hugo)

I have created a Hugo module confidently called “DNB Hugo Netlification”. That module does (currently) headers and redirects for Hugo on (basically everything in _headers and _redirects in a Netlify website. Today I more or less made it configurable in sense of Content Security Policies (CSP) and caching duration.

Now, the only thing missing are people that are not me to test it and maybe use it in their daily life with Netlify and Hugo. I myself are blind to anything that is not part of my own Netlify usage.

If you are adventurous please feel free to have a look at and try to use this (imho) useful tool. I can answer support requests here and over at Github if required.

I realise that documentation is somehow sparse still, feel free to ask questions.

The advantage of testing it now would be my undying allegiance and having a direct contact for future features (Netlify CMS, custom shortcode fields for CMS, custom caching per file type, you name it).

I will add some better configurationability (yep, that’s a word) for static file type caching in the next hours. Right now it’s very static set to /static/images for images and so on…


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