Netlify CMS + hugo-PaperMod

I am using PaperMod theme and i have succesfully added Netlify CMS, it works like a charm for posts and about me page. Actually i need to add some specific parts of home page to be edited through the frontend, but i don’t know how to proceed. I have successefully added the Title of website from config.yml but i need to implement the homeInfoParams fields (Title and Content).

Theme config.yml fields i need to implement:

Title: Digital Marketing Expert
Content: >
  - Strategia, pianificazione e customer experience. 

my actually Netlify cms config.yml

Are you asking how to configure Netlify CMS? We do not provide support for questions about Netlify CMS here. Try asking over on the Netlify support forum instead.

thank you for your hint, i will try in this way

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