Nc-admin is now hugo-scms-admin

Greetings! With the death of Netlify CMS, my little module was in limbo, but I’ve not given up and amd preparing to convert it to using the fork, StaticJsCMS. This comes with a rename, to hugo-scms-admin. The new version creates separate CMS pages for the admin pages themselves, which include CMS for collections, fields, hugo configuration, content, data, and CMS help (body) fields.

Give it a spin on your site! installation instructions Admittedly, the Hugo configuration collections need work/polish/completion, but it should get you pretty far as-is, especially for new site builders.


By “dead”, I guess you mean this issue and this thread…? Doesn’t seem to have been a formal announcement yet of “it’s dead”, but it’s looking pretty dead, Jim.

I often wondered about the possibility of self-hosting Netlify on my local machine, just for an easy editor interface for Hugo… seems very complicated/impossible. Hokus CMS does this offline-first editor view, but is a one-man project.

Yes. They haven’t archived it but have recommended it be forked, which it has been. You can run the CMS locally, similarly to the previous one’s beta feature.

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Awesome! Thank you, looks a lot easier in the fork than the (almost undocumented) Netlify feature.

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