My site won't render all the blog posts in the content/posts/ directory


Having an issue with my Hugo site which won’t render a list of posts like it used to. It will only render one. I’m wondering if its an issue with my list.html.

Past projects | Small Design Engagements will only generate the first file in /posts/

repo: mrstarfish/smalldesignengagements: small design engagements (

Any help appreciated - I nearly have it doing what i need it to (after much consternation and compromises including giving up on using custom taxonomies because the Hugo docs there could not be followed from go to woe with a successful outcome and understanding of how to configure them).

You spell the tags differently, with an s and without.

Past projects ≠ Past project

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Thanks, the problem is resolved now - the tag misspelling is a different ball park

Thanks for your help anyway. :slight_smile: