My posts appear as links on the left side menu

I have been trying to use Hugo for my site at … every post I am creating is adding upto the menu on the left side. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions ?


They are there because a template (either yours or a template’s) put them there. Since you obviously didn’t put it there (you would know), it’s a theme feature. So, either change theme or override the layouts/index.html template. But this is me guessing a little.

I have been trying to understand this , I have observed the following when i create the post, "menu: main " is added… when i tried creating another temp hugo site with the same theme I dont have the same problem…i am just following quickstart quide as it is


  • Development
  • GoLang
    Description: ""
  • Development
  • golang
    date: 2015-08-20T18:50:59+05:30
    menu: main
    title: test


date = "2015-08-14T17:49:16+05:30"
title = “Hello Hugo”

How do you create the post? With hugo new? If yes: Check the content under /archetypes and remove the unwanted menu line.

Thank you . This resolves the issue :slight_smile: