Automated Side Menu

I am working on a very minimalistic theme right now.
everything is going fine except for one thing:

I need a side menu, that is generated automatically. Every Folder in the “Content” Folder should get an own entry (and sub folder a sub entry).

Right now, i am trying to get the " Section Menu for Lazy Bloggers" ( Menu Templates | Hugo ) to work as a start point.

But it won’t work.

I posted the given code into several places without any success.

Can anyone give me a hand, if i need to do some other things to get it to work.

Thanks a lot


Post “the given code” here. Post your content folder layout. Or even better post your repo or a minimal sample on Github to see what you are trying.

Thanks for your answer!
The Code is linked here Menu Templates | Hugo

I have the skeleton of my Theme posted here: GitHub - Amsee-Daniel/HugoTheme

In My Content folder, there are some Folder and in them, one .md each.
I tried my Content structure with another Theme that uses this Menu, and it works, so i guess it is somethin in my Theme code.

My Zen theme has this kind of feature, maybe you can reuse some of the code.

Thanks! Will look into it! :relaxed:

Hay Again!
That helped a lot! I build one that fits my needs perfectly
EXCEPT That the href Links generated are always “Current Location/Target”.

so, if i use baseURL, i get “baseURL/BaseURL”, and i don’t know why. I already tried to use | absURL, but it just won’t work.
Any ideas?

even if i write like </a href= “ThisIsALink”>Home< /a> (These Spaces are there, because the Forum generates a link from it without theme :joy: ) generates baseURL/ThisIsALink.

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