Simple Blog Menu - List of Posts

I am completely new to Hugo and just started learning how to use it. I am not a web developer so my questions may seem simple.

I am using the minima theme with Hugo, which I like. Reading through the support documents, I got very confused about how to add a simple menu listing blog posts.

My blog posts are located in /content/blog. I created a menu in the config.toml file with the following settings:

name = "Blog"
weight = 7
identifier = "blog"
url = "/blog/"

What do I need to do next to make it so that clicking on this menu opens up a page that lists a set number of blog posts? Say 20 latest posts to keep things organize?

The menu doesn’t create content, it just links to it. You need to create any page, list, or section you want to link to. :slight_smile: