My post doesn't show up after manually editing the date in the metadata

Context: I created a post with hugo new post/myPost several days ago and have since been editing. Shows up fine in hugo server. Now that the publish date has come, I went back and changed the date 07 -> 08, 22 -> 02, however now hugo server doesn’t show the post on the site.

What gives? Am I not supposed to manually edit the FrontMatter? The theme I’m using is This seems related to Manually changing date in page front matter stops page from being rendered, but they didn’t resolve.

Hugo will only generate future posts if you run the server with the flag --buildFuture (or -F). I think this is the case.
And I didn’t get why you changed the date, you can use “draft: true” in the frontmatter while editing and when it’s time to publish it, remove it or change it to false.