New content is considered "future" post - no idea why

For a while now I’ve used a simple shortcut to add new content to my Hugo site. It defaults the date value in the front matter for me, for example, in the post I just made, it is:

"date": "2017-10-18T07:56:00-07:00",

Hugo was running, and I noticed on reload my new post did not show up. In terminal, I saw:

0 of 1 future rendered

So on a whim I changed 18 to 17 (yesterday) and the post immediately showed up. I ran “date” at the CLI and see “Wed Oct 18 08:02:14 DST 2017”, so it’s definitely after my post time. The only thing has changed for me is updating to the latest Hugo. What can I check?

See this

While it may not solve your problem, you may get some context.

I assume there may be some time zone issues.

If you could try to set publishDate: 2017-10-18 and see what happens.

Dropping the time seemed to work, and as I never actually use “future” content, that may be the simplest solution.