My first website with Hugo and from scratch

Hi there, I’m from Brazil.
This is my first website using Hugo, it’s still missing some pages but client requested to publish.

  • It’s not using any theme, completely from scratch to learn all details about Hugo.
  • The idea is to have now a base structure for new site
  • Each block is a reusable partial

I appreciate your time to take a moment to visit and share some feedback.

Next step:

  • Try to learn about netlify cms



Looks great. Btw the Netlify CMS is no longer maintaining, there is a fork called StaticCMS you may be interested.

Latest news: Is this project dead? - #74 by martinjagodic - Netlify CMS - Netlify Support Forums
Netlify CMS to Become Decap CMS: What You Need to Know

2 Likes was re-branded to Tina, the street name for crystal meth.

Netlify CMS was re-branded to Decap, short for decapitated, gruesome in both meaning and image.

Well done.


LOL, thank you.

Thank you.
Need to find something that have future =)

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Nice, but…
you need seriously look into the CLS issue (cumulative layout shift) as don’t know why, but for the first time when I visited the site, it jumped up and down loading different things and finishing on pictures of doors and not top of the page.

PageSpeed Insight may not show that, but highlighting other issues that you need to consider.

Keep working, well done.

Check out cloudcannon for a cms


for more detailed performance issues.


Hi @idarek thank you!
Yes, this issue is tracked, client is using Twakto chat tool, when remove code is pretty clean and fast =(

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Hi @devsr-gt thank you… I checked but… Cloudcannon is very expensive for small brazilian projects.

They have a free tier if it is just you.

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I will try…
And thank you for Yellow Lab… very cool tool.

You can process images in your asset folder to make them smaller and generate webp images.


You can use divriots jampack

But hugo can already has the capability of fixing these issues without installing node

Daniel has a great module for doing something like this here.

You should also look up self hosting fonts. It will make less requests.

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Hi @devsr-gt, that’s cool! Thank you. I really appreciate your time and comments. These are great tips for me as I’m just starting with Hugo.

Not sure if these even matter with a static site but you can also look into Scan results for

But if they do i used these in a cloudflare worker

addEventListener(‘fetch’, event => {

async function handleRequest(request) {

let originalResponse = await fetch(request)

// pass in the original response so we can modify some of it.
let response = new Response(originalResponse.body,originalResponse);

response.headers.set(‘X-Frame-Options’, ‘SAMEORIGIN’);
response.headers.set(‘Strict-Transport-Security’, ‘max-age=31536000; includeSubdomains; preload’);
response.headers.set(‘Content-Security-Policy’, ‘default-src 'self'’);
response.headers.set(‘Permissions-Policy’,‘camera 'none'; geolocation 'none'’);
response.headers.set(‘X-XSS-Protection’,‘1; mode=block’);
response.headers.set(‘Permissions-Policy’, ‘camera=(), geolocation=(), microphone=()’);
return response

You will have to customize this so it works with tawk but i never really got a clear answer if this mattered


WOW +1 great tool… yes I recommended to use netlify or cloudflare pages, but client have a “SEO” folder with 11k pages so I neeed to publish in current serve.

Cloudflare Pages team told me they don’t matter since the site is static, but recommended the security headers anyway.

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