relLangURL not work in content pages

The relLangUrl function doesn’t seem to be working in my content pages.

This code in content/fr/features/index.html

<a href="{{ "contract-edition" | relLangURL }}" class="text-decoration-none text-black">
  <h2 class="fs-4 fw-bold">Édition de contrat</h2>


<a href="{{ " contract-edition"="" |="" rellangurl="" }}"="" class="text-decoration-none text-black">

My folder structure:

- fr
 - features
  + index.html
  + contract-edition.html

My config/_default/hugo.json:

  "theme": "ugosign",
  "title": "Ugosign - production",
  "enableSass": true,
  "defaultContentLanguage": "fr",
  "languages": {
    "fr": {
      "contentDir": "content/fr",
      "disabled": false,
      "languageCode": "fr-FR",
      "languageDirection": "ltr",
      "languageName": "Français",
      "weight": 0
    "en": {
      "contentDir": "content/en",
      "disabled": false,
      "languageCode": "en",
      "languageDirection": "ltr",
      "languageName": "English",
      "weight": 1
  "module": {
    "imports": {
      "path": ""

It’s doing exactly what you told it to do. See documentation.

The documentation suggests another syntax for this function without using |.

{{ relLangURL "articles" }}

I also use this function in my footer and it works correctly.

href="{{ "pricing" | relLangURL }}"

If I post a message here, it’s because I’ve obviously read the documentation.
I’ve tried this variant:

href="{{ "features/contract-edition" | relLangURL }}"

but it returns the same thing. The final link is https://localhost:1313/features/{{

I think there’s a conceptual disconnect here…

Content files contain content.
Template files contain template code.