Change the url of 2 different folders in multiple languages without changing their names

I open a new folder in the content folder, let’s say “learn”.

Then I start entering my content under the “learn” folder and add “” inside this folder.

I open a “learn” folder under the “Layouts” folder and create my designs and when I enter the url “” I get the result I want.

But I know that even if I add a slug value to the “” file under the “learn” folder, I cannot change the url, it is not possible.

I just wanted to explain so far, my main question is this:

I will use the “learn” folder in multiple languages and the url of this folder is “”. I want to change this url to another language. If I make the folder name different, the multilingual structure cannot detect it. If I make the same name, I will not be able to change the url in the other language.

Which way can I solve this problem?

Assuming you are translating either by filename or content directory, use url instead of slug.

title: Lorem ipsum
url: "url-here"

@ardacarofficial see this edited answer based on Joe’s clarification below.

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I don’t know this parameter you are great you solved a big problem of mine thank you <3

If you omit the leading slash, it will be language specific.

From Hugo 0.55, you can use URLs relative to the current site context (the language), which makes it simpler to maintain.


I didn’t know that! I have already translated like 100 pages and added the language prefix because I thought it is required (and because now I realize the leading slash was the cause of the URLs not working for translated pages)/

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See Multilingual Mode | Hugo

If using url, remember to include the language part as well: /fr/compagnie/a-propos/.

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I removed the outdated information.

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