relLangURL with disable languages


On my hugo website I have two languages:

    contentDir = "content/en"
    languageName = "English"
    weight = 3
    contentDir = "content/fr"
    languageName = "Français"
    weight = 2

In my config file I configured languages like below:

defaultContentLanguage= "en"
defaultContentLanguageInSubdir= true

The french language isn’t prod ready for the moment so I disabled it for prod.
Despite defaultContentLanguageInSubdir param my website is know accesible from / instead of /en/. Not a bad behavior.

But relLangURL still continue to add /en to url, so I have a 404 for each link generated with this function

I don’t know if it’s a bug or a bad config from me


what about .RelPermalink ?

Thanks for your answer

It’s a menu object so I can’t use the RelPermaLink
But RelPermaLink seems to work correctly
For the moment I use $.Site.LanguagePrefix who works correctly
But If you have a better idea I will take it