Move blog to a /blog path


Sorry if it’s a silly question but I couldn’t figure our how to do it. I setup a blog using Hugo and it lives in the homepage. ( What I need to do is to move the blog to /blog path, create a homepage with static content. I tried a few options in /layout directory but none of them worked. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is the source code:

What do you mean by, “move the blog to /blog path”?

I know it probably makes sense to you, but you need to get into details. For instance, what is your blog? Is it posts? And what do you want to show at /blog?

Don’t just answer those questions, think about a single task you are trying to achieve, and explain it in detail. :slight_smile:

If you visit the website (, you will see a blog. I want to move that page (and also it’s subpages such as blog posts) to instead of root and show my static html content in root. Is it clear @maiki ?

Not really. I suspect you are using the word “static” differently than we normally do around here. Maybe you don’t want the front page to be updated with new blog posts, and therefore static. Whereas all your pages are “static” HTML documents (opposed to “dynamic” or database-driven query results like WordPress).

Anyhow, this is a templating issue. Make sure you understand the template lookup order. You specifically want a homepage template, and you can create a page at /blog in a variety of ways, but the way I suggest to you is to change your /content/posts/ directory to /content/blog.

Hey maiki, I did it! Thanks! I can’t paste the link because the forum doesn’t allow me do it but it’s buremba(dot)com