Move blog post to /blog and have custom homepage?

Hi, is it currently possible to move all of the blog posts to /blog(.html) and build a custom index.html? The main focus of my site is not to be a blog, but to be more of an informational site with occasional updates.

I’ve tried creating blog.html in {mytheme}/layouts/ with no success.

If you already have the Section /blog set up, then you would just need to move the blog.html code to one of these paths:


More on that in the docs:

Thanks! How would one go about setting up the section?

Thanks, I’m not sure I totally understand it yet… but from what I can tell…

I make a directory under content/ called “blog” and put .md files in there instead of post/?

Yes, that is correct. You can do one of two things.

  1. You can make a directory under content called “blog”, or
  2. You can have a directory with some other name, BUT you would have to specify in the front matter of your .md files that the ``type = “blog”```(or whatever format you’re using for your front matter).