Why does gohugo.io/overview/installing differ from the project readme

So on this page : gohugo.io/overview/installing it says

Therefore, a simple go get is not supported since go get is not vendor-aware. You must use govendor to fetch Hugo’s dependencies.

However, doing the following did not work. govendor installed fine but just died off silently when I did govendor get ..

OTOH following worked perfectly fine on my system which is what the Readme.md on the project says :
go get -v github.com/spf13/hugo

So what gives? Is the documentation wrong? hugo now supports go get ?

My system is Fedora 25 I have go1.8

I this is a problem with the docs on the website I’d be very happy to make a PR.


No. It may work, but you will not know what library versions that are in use.

You may get some more input from using (or reading) the Makefile: Try make hugo.