how successful have you been in migrations from wordpress to hugo. I am infinitely interested in this topic and would like to crack it,

I have only done one migration when I did not know anything about Hugo. It took nearly 80-100 hours! But it becomes easier once someone knows the basics and grasps that Hugo Docs are references, no tutorials.

I did 5 full site migrations. All time consuming on reviewing markdown files, but overall success.

Some references for you

Just find 2-3 WordPress to markdown phrases (you need multiple as not all are converting all essential data parts of posts). Design your theme and start working on your content. Than check all the links and do aliases or redirections where required.

Plan ahead, it’s never straight forward but really worth it.

has anyone tried using httrack to make the website static then rebuild over it?
httrack http://LOCALSITE -O DESTINATION -N -K “%h%p/%n/index%[page].%t” -WqQ%v --robots=0 --footer ‘’

find . -name “*.html” -type f -print0 | xargs -0 perl -i -pe “s//index.html///g”

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Then just manage the screaming frog pulls to match up and make sure the 301 redirects are exact.

Then just place the httracked files into the static directory

Ive done five and one multilingual all went ok but none smashing yet.

This one was my first template

Régis Philibert is a beast

My Open Source Repository

Still things that need to be fixed this work is never finished. Don’t forget to start though.


None were easy to do and I think the httrack method will help

and yes i know these sites still need work and are not the best looking.

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Why this is important is google doesn’t care what your site is built in it only cares about the data it is receiveing. The only thing that matters is how to build a hugo site that is effective and google reads.

Thanks for your response. I like that you mentioned that it isn’t straight forward and it is a leap of faith.

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My first migration took me 4 months. It was brutal but i don’t have to update wordpress anymore and it is a smaller attack surface.


I converted my site from WordPress to Hugo a couple of years ago. I used the WordPress Jekyll Exporter plugin to generate the markdown files from the WP database, and had to tweak them a bit (but the Jekyll markdown files basically worked fine with Hugo, so…). After that, it was just a bunch of futzing around trying to replicate the website structure in Hugo, but I’m much happier with the site now.

I have used the schumacher plugin and it has not been perfect. I am still trying to figure out if the httrack static site generator will work with having hugo overide any of the static files listed in the content directory. This way you could have a perfect copy of your old other cms site while migrating to the new site with no SEO bleed

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