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I am having issues with all my wordpress sites and properly transferring them. I think we would have larger adoption if you could figure out how to properly export the wordpress xml. If you had a website that ranked well and just used Blog2MD there would be huge negative fluctuations if you were using yoast or another seo plugin. Has anyone produced a script that will successfully just copy exactly the wordpress site (other than httrack) that can put the content files into .md with the properly yaml toml or json headers so then all you need to do is build a hugo template? Ideally it would match perfectly with a screaming frog pull or Check if a static site is moved correctly 🥖 John Mueller's randoms .

I think adoption of hugo would be much greater if this information would be made widely available.

yoastTitle or rankmathTitle:
yoastdescription or rankmathDescription:

Can anyone provide any insight into this? Any help would be appreciated. Or put out documentation on how to proxy the old website to show if there are any 404 erorrs that are created in the migration.

Steve did this a long time ago from drupal and built Hugo.

Here is another example but lacks functionality. https://www.lullabot.com/articles/sending-a-drupal-site-into-retirement

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Unless things have changed, those Yoast tables will be hard to transfer since they are written in their own tables in the Database.