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Hi all,
We are looking for support for the migration of https://3mdeb.com content (except shop) from Wordpress to Hugo. We already have a theme PoC and using it for our News->Blog. The source code of the template is here.

We want to migrate all sites of 3mdeb to the linked news-and-ideas repository and keep the layout of pages as close as possible to the existing web page.

In the long run, we would like to migrate the shop and some other websites, e.g., one based on MkDocs.

P.S. Sorry I have limit of max 2 links, that’s why so little information.

Firstly start with Exporting your posts and pages from Wordpress using build-in export.
Then convert them to Markdown with this tool wordpress-export-to-markdown.

Looked on your website and in reality, you can rebuild the whole website to look exactly the same, so nobody will notice that something changed apart from the speed. The migration is not swift, there is a lot of work involved. Migrated a few websites, including this one.

Personally, I would start with content (moving into markdown), then around content start building the website from scratch, ignoring themes/templates, at same time you can learn the layout you building, simplify the code etc…

It’s hard to advise further. Fo this kind of website, I will recommend you 4 weeks if working constantly to 3 months before ready-to-publish Hugo website will be available.

Take care of the links, to make sure all is exactly as right now. Worth it to crawl your Wordpress website fully offline so you will have reference and ready HTML/CSS code that you can look at.

We already used this and have package.

Thank you for the advice

Our idea was to start with one page (e.g. homepage) first and just make it available at 3mdeb, but leave all links - they will point to old WordPress subpages. Then migrate step by step, what I’m struggling with are layouts and better understanding of Hugo. Also, we simply don’t have time to do that, that’s why we request support. Are you interested in supporting us?

Personally not, sorry. Due to lack of time, I am not able to take on any extra projects but probably there will be people willing to help here.

If you are stuck with anything come back to the forum and we can help you.

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