Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear all,
thank you for all your help in 2017 - very well appreciated. My special thanks go to @bep, @budparr and @digitalcraftsman who helped me out in some critical situations.

Love Hugo!

CU in 2018.


The same to you @Leo_Merkel

Frohes Fest und Guten Rutsch :christmas_tree: :fireworks:

Same to you all!

2008 will be The Year of the Statics.

I’m laying the final touches on Hugo 0.32 as we speak. It is going to super cool. I was about ready to merge when I saw “TODO(bep) Now that we have this custom file walker for content, we might as well add proper support for symbolic links” … Which of course will be really useful, but was slightly harder than I imagined …

But I will merge during Christmas, get you guys to help me test it, and then release before 2018.


Awesome, because I am partying like it’s 1998! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope everyone is secure and temperature-appropriate this month!


You would think that 2008 was a spelling mistake, but it will be all clear once Hugo 0.32 is released.


Maybe Hugo becomes a time machine and @bep is actually Doc Brown :smile:

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Happy Christmas and New Year! Thank you for Hugo and all you do. :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas and New Year! Thank you

Thanks to all folks who were working on a Hugo improvement.

I also hope, that 2018 will be a year of the static website development.
This direction are becoming popular rapidly.

Happy holidays to all people!

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Happy new year to everyone! I hope that 2018 brings each of us the success we envisioned. But also that the coming year will be healthy and happy for us and friends and family. :christmas_tree: :champagne: :sunny:

Thanks for everyone who works or worked on Hugo, from developers to documentation writers and even those who take the time to open a small issue on GitHub. :slight_smile:

I hope this too! Hugo on GitHub recently passed the number of stars that Git has. Now if only we could get as many Hugo users in 2018 as people that use Git… :slight_smile: