Thank You for that special Release

Hi Bep and devs,
I tried a lot and I am absolutely speechless. Everything works as expected. Images and content are together now. That was a very important feature.
2018 is the year of hugo.
Keep up the good work.
And thx for answering our questions here.

:yellow_heart: Beny


It’s an awesome release! :star_struck:

Finally I can start blogging properly with Hugo.

I am migrating my drawing blog and plan to resurrect it soon.

Thanks @bep

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Thanks. The big challenge was to avoid stepping on too many toes, break too many sites …

I’m pleasantly surprised with how little noise/complaints we have received. I think some of it comes from the fact that we went the extra mile and added the image processing.

It’s like:

“Damn, that Hugo dude broke my site again … But that image processing looks mighty cool!”

Read the above with a Family Guy voice.