Hugo 0.32 Released!

Spread the word!

And a happy new Hugo year to all of you!



Happy New Year to you too! Thanks!

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Thanks for the cool new features!
Happy new year (in 3.5hr in Japan)!

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Amazing! Trank you and all the best for 2018. Your work is very appreciated.

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Happy New Year indeed! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this release and all the hard work put into it. I’m very grateful for all those hours that people put towards contributing to Hugo. That in itself is already amazing, let alone the kind of features we get with each release. :smile:

Happy new year to all!


What a release - its awesome
Thx to all the developers

… and a very good New Year to you all …

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Thanks for the last-minute holiday present. Especially the part where my recipe site builds 17% faster than under 0.31, with 25% less memory!

hugo benchmark -n 10


Average time per operation: 10773ms
Average memory allocated per operation: 3179659kB
Average allocations per operation: 35680808


Average time per operation: 8931ms
Average memory allocated per operation: 2384500kB
Average allocations per operation: 25064386

My blog only builds 3% faster with 6% less memory. :slight_smile:


That is about the level of improvement I’ve seen in the “site building benchmarks”; but I have stopped putting this in very bold and concrete numbers in the release notes – as this will vary wildly from site to site (the Hugo docs is about the same speed as before). But the main important thing is there is no slow-down, which is hard enough. I had to throw away a couple of bundle-implementations because I saw a 30% slowdown, which would not get me that big of an applause …

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The Snap & 3rd-Party Releases

Snap Package - the Hugo Snap/SnapCraft package - updated
Docker/CI Image - a Hugo Docker image for Continuous Integration- updated
Fedora Copr - Hugo RPM packages for Fedora and CentOS - updated


Hi, @bep I have a page rendering issue in the newest version (0.32.2)…

The file structure looks like:

|  |

when is in the main folder (webinar), then webinar/archive returns 404
however, when I change something in the webinar/archive/ file and re-save it, webinar/archive works again… it also works when I delete from webinar folder…

The workaround for this is to create a flat structure like:


Everything worked fine before the update… so is it just a bug or is it the way Hugo works now? :thinking:

It is how Hugo works now and is documented in the release notes.

What you want is probably “” as content files for what I see as sections.” makes a folder into a bundle (what I have called a leaf bundle) which will then include every other content page, image and other files in the same folder or below as resources.

If /webinar is a section you should use an at its root. is for page bundles. Using it directly under /webinar converts your section into a page bundle so it’s natural for /archive to go 404 in this case.

It’s all about the underscore. for sections and nested sections for page bundles

Ok, thanks guys. It works as you say… :nerd_face: I missed RN so I was little confused about that.

To add to the confusion: also represents a bundle … But what I call a branch bundle, which can have child pages (and bundles).

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Hi, the Copr has been updated to 0.32.2 :slight_smile: Cheers!

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