Thank you Hugo Contributors - 2020

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S., a holiday where we’re supposed to give thanks for everything we have. This year has been pretty tough for a lot of people. We saw how a virus can quickly spread around the world affecting all of us, directly or indirectly. With a project like Hugo, we get to see how the value of open source software and generosity can quickly spread around the world as well.

I want to say Thank You to the Hugo community for all of the hard work being done. To people like @bep, @moorereason, @anthonyfok, and others who continue to develop Hugo, to people like @digitalcraftsman, @davidsneighbour, @coliff, @kaushalmodi, and others who work on the the pieces around the main codebase that turn Hugo from a side project to an actual global phenomenon, and to everyone that uses Hugo. I know when I work on software, the best part is seeing people use it and enjoy it. Users make a project real.

I hope everyone can stay safe, have a great holiday (whatever it may be), and I’ll see you around the forum. :+1:t3:


Hello, this was a very heart felt comment for me. This community has been awesome. I haven’t been involved with Hugo development lately, but the ox-hugo project is still going on and used used by many.

I am thankful to everyone in this community who helped me get better with Hugo templates, understand static site generators, and be able to give a little bit back to the community.

Happy Thanksgiving!