Has future date handling been changed for _index.md vs post.md recently

I have my fledgling podcast network running on hugo and I was prepping a new show to release tomorrow. I had the _index.md and the first content post md dated for posting mid day tomorrow.

On my dev machine the new index page would not show unless running with -F, the expected outcome. I want the page to go live then.

When I pushed the page to my server the new index page showed up on the site as soon as my 5 min interval cron job rebuilt the site. The puzzling part is the content page with the same date didn’t build as I expected. I spent a while trying to figure this out looking for what could be different and noticed the server was running Hugo version 0.57.2-1.el7 and my iMac was few versions behind that. I then used home-brew to update hugo on my mac to version 0.58.3. Then I started seeing the same result on my dev machine too. Hugo is respecting the date on the content page and not building it yet, but it builds the index page anyway so it’s on my site with no posts yet. I have tried using publish date and date both in the front matter for the index page. No matter how far in the future I set it Hugo always builds the future dated index page into the site.

Any help is appreciated.

May be related with Hugo 0.57.0 issue with draft = true ??

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Thanks but draft = true won’t automatically publish the page when my periodic cron job runs at or after the set date.

No. I mean the cause could be the same.

I was not implying using draft.

Ah. Gotcha