Lost in taxonomy templates

I am completely lost in taxonomy templates.

In my content I define an author like this

--- title: foo author: bar ---

In config.toml I defined:

[taxonomies] tag = "tags" author = "authors"

Where do I have to put the template to render a list of pages ordered by author while authors are ordered alphabetically.

I tried several combinations of templates as listed here:

and here

But this confuses me in a way that I am completely lost.

Any help appreciated.

UPDATE: It seems to be an error to use the SINGULAR in the YAML-Metadata. With

--- title: foo authors: bar

I get a list of Authors, although written in a strange was like this “john-doe” instead of “John Doe”. But this is a minor issue.

@juh2 I can help you with this, but can you point me to a repo first so I can see what you’re writing in your templates?