Custom Single Taxonomy Template Not Overriding Hugo Default

I added a front-matter parameter authors: to the MD file (content/authors/louise-findlay/ that generates an author page in order to convert it to a taxonomy rather than a page (which has a type of authors) to create a single RSS Feed template for it (layouts/authors/rss.xml).

The RSS feed is generated correctly and visible at

However, since it’s now a taxomony rather than a page, the custom template: layouts/authors/single.html no longer applies to the author pages. I tried to create another template file in the location that Hugo expects and tried several options such as term.html and category.terms.html but to no avail.

The issue results in the author page looking like Taxonomy Version rather than Page Version - *Links are to different pages but are both author pages

Unfortunately, the issue seems to only occur on the live deployed version of the site. I’ve tried reproducing this on a fork of the repo and another branch of the main repo locally but it displays properly: GitHub Repo Link -

I have read the Template Lookup Order and Taxonomy documentation extensively but I’m new to Hugo so any insight into how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I’ve exceeded two links as a new user so have encoded some URLs in MD to provide further information

You have created a collision.

   author = "authors"  --> generates public/authors/xxx
   authors = "/authors/:slug/" --> generates public/authors/xxx

And your site doesn’t build:

Error: Error building site: MINIFY: failed to transform “js/search.js” (application/javascript): unexpected " in expression on line 271 and column 17
271: template: "

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