Looking for usable Docs and landing theme (Doks vs. Docsy)

I am trying to find a good theme for my project’s website. I will be publishing technical docs and API docs, as well as some overview pages. I have evaluated two themes, both having some kind of essential problems:

  • Doks – This is a really beautiful theme, but usage and customisation is close to inacceptable (content and theme is mixed, a site is created by forking the theme and modifying content in it…)
  • Docsy – Technically good (used as a Hugo module, and content fully separated from the theme), but it insists on loading tons of external resources from hard-coded CDNs, so it cannot be used without forking it and replacing the sources

I am looking for a clean theme that:

  • Can be based upon by using it either as a submodule or as a Hugo module
  • Can be used while keeping only the content of my site in my repository, not copies of the theme or parts of it
  • Is fully self-contained, without external resources from privacy-unfriendly CDNs
  • Has a beautiful landing page as well as layouts for neatly structured docs and blogs

Maybe someone can help me find such a theme, or provide hints on how to solve the above problems?

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As one of the moderators of its Discord community, I can recommend Wowchemy. Check it out, especially the templates, and, if you join the Discord, we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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