Documentation theme

Can someone suggest a nice theme for writing documentation using hugo? Something like for example. I didn’t find anything except bootie docs theme.

There are sites that have used Hugo for docs, but I don’t think they’ve published a standalone theme on Hugo’s theme gallery…and I can’t seem to find links to them now. You can check out this Github issue where we discussed changing Hugo’s docs theme:

Cc: @digitalcraftsman

Also see

The only standalone documentation themes I currently know can be found in the theme gallery (see link in the post above).

There is also a another thread about Hugo as a documentation tool.

I’ve searched around a bit for documentation themes. I put my findings in the main thread:

Thanks for all the response. Google found another . This isn’t abstracted as a theme I can take and reuse either. Search function will also be super helpful, though there seems to be an effort to develop that.