Help choosing a documentation theme - fan of gitlab docs


I’ve done a prototype doc site that makes me think Hugo is a good fit for us. But I’m struggling to find a good doc-focused theme I’m happy with. I’ve spent hours looking and hope it’s ok to ask here for suggestions.

I am a big fan of gitlab’s docs. But I want left nav menus that go down at least 4 menus. Clean structure, like Gitlab or Cordova.

Any suggestions? I don’t mind paying for a theme. I found plenty of examples, but none using Hugo.



Btw the hugo doc site itself is an option. But I’d prefer not to battle the menu, and preferably to have something a little more full featured out of the box. Such as support for exposing all content via index.json like the Hugo Learn Theme. Which works, but isn’t very visually appealing IMO.

I like hugo-book, the fixed TOC(right) and navigation(left) is pretty neat.