Looking for theme that does posts previews with thumbnails on subdirectories

I have worked a little bit with the theme ananke. It is easy to do. However, I can only get thumbnails in the root posts folder. I would like to know how I can have the subfolders also have thumbnails in the posts.

I see that swifty can do this well, but the header is some animated audio wave and I do not think it can be changed. I also prefer the menu to be on the header like ananke.

Is there a simple theme that has thumbnails on subdirectories and menus like on the header image?
It seems so logical to me to show thumbnails on post previews, but maybe everyone has a different idea of what “logical” is.

My very simple wordpress website I want to rewrite as hugo is

First, the Ananke theme expects that your “posts” will be in content/post/ (singular) not content/posts/ (plural).

Second, to render featured images when viewing “post” list pages (regardless of depth):

mkdir -p layouts/post
cp themes/ananke/layouts/post/list.html layouts/post/list.html

Then edit layouts/post/list.html. Change this:

{{ .Render "summary" }}

to this:

{{ .Render "summary-with-image" }}

Finally, if you have additional questions about customizing the Ananke theme, please contact the theme author.

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Yes. I did contact the author under a different user account (made for a netlify thing which I will not end up doing). There is an old issue here. created by someone else a while back, unresolved. 2nd choice was to come here.

Yes… it works. I appreciate this help a lot. I updated the issue 518 with the proper answer.

Perhaps, ananke is the theme I will only ever need.
I did the quick start and also played with swift. That was why the posts directory was post. I learned by copying the example in the theme to the root.
I guess I will need to watch a vid on layouts.
Your response is appreciated.

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