Ananke: recent articles

I try to use Ananke for my choir’s website. We do not really have a blog yet but two sections for upcoming and past events. This is reflected by two folders in the content directory.

I realized that Ananke just lists pages from one of these section as recent articles. But I have no clue how this one section is chosen. Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks, Chris

Ananke’s structure is basically as follows:
Each folder in content is a menu option on the site, sorted alphabetically (there is a way to override this). Thus, you might have an “about” folder, a “contact” folder, etc.
Inside each folder is an file that contains the title of the page, the content, etc.
Any file inside the folder that is not named (i.e., will show up as a post on that page. So, I might have a folder named “blog” with an file that has a little introduction, and all the other files in the folder will be blog posts.
Hopefully that helps somewhat.