Can't seem to add images to blog summary - ananke Theme

I am trying to add images to accompany the title and summaries of blogs when I enter the “Test2” blogs tab. Currently it only displays the summary and the title.

The entire code can be found on github:

Below is how the _default list.html looks which I am assuming to be what powers the structure of
list of blogs

{{ define "main" }}
  <article class="pa3 pa4-ns nested-copy-line-height nested-img">
    <section class="cf ph3 ph5-l pv3 pv4-l f4 tc-l center measure-wide lh-copy mid-gray">
      {{- .Content -}}
    <section class="flex-ns flex-wrap justify-around mt5">
      {{ range .Paginator.Pages }}
        <div class="relative w-100 w-30-l mb4 bg-white">
          {{- partial "summary.html" . -}}
      {{ end }}
    {{- template "_internal/pagination.html" . -}}
{{ end }}

It seems the “summary.html” is responsible for the layout of “test2”,
so I tried to display the image that is displayed within each blog, in the summary.html as well,
to create a thumbnail for each summary, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong:

{{ $featured_image := .Params.featured_image }}
<div class="relative w-100 mb4 bg-white nested-copy-line-height">
  <div class="bg-white mb3 pa4 gray overflow-hidden">
    <span class="f6 db">{{ humanize .Section }}</span>
    <h1 class="f3 near-black">
      <a href="{{ .URL }}" class="link black dim">
        {{ .Title }}
    <img img src="{{$featured_image}}" alt="">
    <div class="nested-links f5 lh-copy nested-copy-line-height">
      {{ .Summary  }}

I figured it out!
I was actually using the wrong Summary.html.
It seems post has it’s own summary.html as well,
and that’s what I need to change.