How do I add a gallery to post

I just installed the Ananke theme and its got a very nice setup. However I would have wished to be able to include a photo gallery as part of each post. Any input on how to achieve this would be highly appreciated.

I assume that Ananke does not have gallery support out of the box. You could add a gallery by writing a shortcode for it. Or by using a theme which has gallery support like icarus, but there are surely many more.

See this:

It’s for the PhotoSwipe gallery plugin.

It’s a battle tested plugin that works everywhere. And I recommend it.

So if I want to use the shortcode found in Icarus:

{{< gallery


How would I do that? I would need to make a LAYOUTS/SHORTCODES directory? and what would I put in here? And then the code above should go in posts where I want gallery?

Thanks for helping.

Hmm, don’t know. I think the proposal from @alexandros sounds pretty good. Maybe the easiest way to get a gallery with any theme.