Local Hugo Theme Development

Hi! I’m a designer new to the world of Hugo. I’m interested in getting started with Hugo, but after working within the Hugo Docs I’ve run into some trouble. Currently, I have a site (gentletools.netlify.app) deployed with Netlify using Hugo and Forestry CMS after following the guide on this page: (https://themes.gohugo.io/twenty-twenty-hugo). I have used GitHub pages before, so I thought it might be similar.

The site is now up and I can make edits using Forestry CMS, but I would like to start customizing the Theme more locally while following Hugo Docs before I deploy it again. I have installed Hugo on my MacBook and I have GitHub Desktop installed, but I am not sure how to get the repository (https://github.com/tohumankind/twenty-twenty-hugo) on my computer/placed in the appropriate spot so that I can test the changes I make locally. I feel like maybe I am just missing a link to a tutorial on Hugo Docs or something. I can’t seem to find a guide on how to do this yet. Sorry for the newbie question and I greatly appreciate anyone willing to help me with this question. Than you for your time.

Sam Taylor

You need to clone the repo locally with git clone https://github.com/themefisher/twenty-twenty-hugo.git

Make sure you install hugo locally to run the project

Ohhh okay. So should I clone the repo that I already have of the theme locally? (https://github.com/tohumankind/twenty-twenty-hugo) <- This repo is connected to the Netifly app I’ve created.

Or should I clone the link you have provided because would that duplicate the copies of the theme on my computer?

Most likely the theme has been included as a submodule, so you just need to run the necessary git commands to pull a local copy of the files.

Thanks so much for this reference!!

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