Using a premium theme that's not on github

I purchased a theme on Theme Forest. It comes as a zipped download. Am I able to add the theme as a submodule if it’s not on github? If not, what is the best way to go about using it?

  1. Extract the theme in your ‘themes’ folder.
  2. Host the theme in a pivate repo and call it as a submodule. But beware most Theme Forest themes are single licensed meaning they are to be used for only one site per license (though LBH, some people use them on more than one site.)

I would go for option 1. Above. Just extract the zip into a folder inside a folder called themes in your Hugo sites and then set theme = name_of_the_folder_below_themes in config.toml.

That’s great. Thanks for the quick replies :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll go for option 1. If they update the theme, I guess I can just replace the files in the themes folder.

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Just don’t edit the theme files directly. Copy what you need to edit in the base layouts folder following the same file path as in the theme.

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