Linked Posts in Hugo


Been trying out Hugo and hoping to port my current Jekyll blog over to Hugo soon.

Quick question, I can’t seem to find this information in the documentation, maybe I am just not using my small brain properly :), but does Hugo support Linked posts? Something along the lines of the famous John Gruber did here.

Are you talking about a link blog, @abijango?

If you are, you might search the docs for Section, and Type. You could give a post a type of “link” and pivot your templates around that, or, you could make a separate section for link posts altogether.

I’ve seen link blogs (like radio3) where the way you can use a bookmarklet to grab the important bits and post them quickly, which is kind of the point. But of course Hugo is different in nature from that sort of thing. You still would be creating a markdown file and publishing it, even if you were simply formatting a link posting different from a regular “essay” type posting.

Hi thanks for the quick response, I was talking about a link post, and for reference this is an example of a jekyll yaml header for a link post, I was looking for something similar for Hugo.

layout: post
title: "Madame Tussauds Star Wars Exhibition"
description: "Star Wars Wax Museum"
tags: [Star Wars, museum]
comments: true
share: true
published: true

there the link attribute points to another link of interest. If someone reads my post in RSS, for examle feedly and clicks on it, it takes them to that page in the link attribute instead of my site. But if they are on my site, and click on the post it takes them to the post, and the title of the post is a clickable link that goes to the site.

I can show you an example:

I think it’s just a matter of marking it up in the templates. Instead of the permalink to the post, you would just reference the link from the frontmatter in the main title of the link post.