Cross linking/bi-directional relationships between Hugo Post Types?

Hey Guys! I’ve used Hugo for many small scale projects, and am planning to use it for a larger scale one I’m working on. The code isn’t ready yet, I’m preemptively sharing this because I know I’m going to hit a wall when the project comes to this stage.

The Requirement:
I have to create 3 ‘custom post types’ called 1) Events 2) Organizers 3)Communities.
Under each event, I’d like a link to the Organizer & Communities facilitating the events to be present. Under each organizer and community profile, I want an archive of all the events they’ve facilitated & organized to show up.

I know in wordpress, I can use a relationship field and get away with this easily, but am really wanting to achieve this in Hugo.

Maybe this can help:


Thanks for the response! I’ve gone through this article multiple times, and though it makes sense what he’s doing on the article, the moment I see the source code I am finding it super confusing. Have you found any other examples of people using Related Content for achieving this? :slight_smile: