How to create a page referencing all published post

Hi, I started using Hugo a week or so ago.

I’ve managed to produce a blog, use a theme (hyde), modify the theme for my informations, all that is fine.

Now my homepage displays all the existing posts in /content.

I would like my homepage to display a fixed information (a small presentation of the blog, as Kieran Healy did there and the sidebar to contain a link to a index of all the existing posts (exactly what Nate Finch has done with its “post” section there :

I tried to read an understand the layout of those sites looking at both github repos, but i juste can’t figure this out.

As far as I understand, I can modify the index.html of the homepage manually to fix the presentation.
Then i was unable to create a link in the sidebar that would lead to an index of existing posts.

Thansk for your help and thank you for hugo

In Nathan’s case, “blog” is a SECTION - and will get a listing generated under /blog with the default list.html template if not overridden. Creating a link to that section is just an a href="/blog" … (maybe with the BaseUrl prepended).

Have a look out for SECTION in the documentation:

Thank you I’m starting to grasp it , I still need to get familiar with the process but it works !