Kindly join my discord server for Hugo

Hi everyone,

I searched for Hugo in discord, couldn’t find it. So, I have created one. I request experts of Hugo to support this initiative.

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thank you for this initiative.

I’m not familiar with Discord, (I’m used to Matrix/Elements or Slack), why did you choose this channel?
What is missing with Discourse? (i.e which problem does Discord fix?)

A new channel often means data dispersal, and Discourse is pretty fine for me so far: well archived, easy to search, asynchronous (which is good to reduce stress), the UI is clean and helps to stay focus, it fulfills all my needs


Relevant: Discord and Discourse - Better Together | Blog

Also this: Slack vs Discord vs Discourse: The best tool for your community - Orbit


Thank you @alcarazr , both pages are very valuable

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Discourse is very much useful. It does not have any issues. But we can get instant chat replies and can collaborative together for work in discord. There is chat, video, audio, and screen sharing. The community is constantly active over a topic. But it needs people who are experts on a topic. I can find experts of Hugo here in discourse. So, it would be great if people join the discord channel.

And of course, discourse is very organized for tracking. I just would like to extend Hugo in discord also.

Thank you.


Sorry for the necropost

The discord posted here has been inactive for quite some time, the owner seems to have completely abandoned discord.
I have created a new one here, I hope to grow this to be a useful community server.


New Discord Link

Discord’s invite links expire by default after 7 days.
Here’s a link that should not expire.

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