jSon parse regression?

Hello everybody,

Since the new release v0.24.1, i’ve some issue on json frontmatter
here the json field witch is at fault

"title": "Qui participe \u00e0 la r\u00e9union \"Point antenne",

It seems to me that the previous versions were capable of parse this field.

Thx :wink:

So you say that in v0.24 it worked?

Sure for the previous version like 0.22-DEV.
You are super efficient, I can not keep up with the pace of upgrades :smiley:

We use the Go JSON support, so some change there in Go 1.8 maybe. https://golang.org/doc/go1.8

What error message do you get?

My errors message is

unable to read frontmatter at filepos 394: EOF 
Errors reading pages: Error: unable to read frontmatter at filepos 394: EOF

Ah, OK, that is me … I fixed some other JSON issue, but my fix introcuded a limitation: Your quotes need to be closed:

“title”: "Qui participe \u00e0 la r\u00e9union “Point antenne”,

“title”: “Qui participe \u00e0 la r\u00e9union “Point antenne””,

it would be nice to parse json valid, we have already some limitation with json go parser with special character ` .

The field is the result of contribution and i have already more 100k pages and Xk issues :frowning:

You should create a GitHub issue about this. A short term solution would maybe be to consider converting your front matter to YAML or TOML.

Ok i will create an issue. And i will make a script JS to erase the quote.

Re. the special character, that must be a Go issue.

Yes the special character back quote ` is illegal and " is legal : https://golang.org/ref/spec#String_literals