Issue : Parsing Json Front Matter doesn't accept special characters between double quotes


I’ve an issue with the hugo jSon parser
"coordinates":[ "_lw|GawlI\bBfKoW_G{I_LrHxCpN~AF" ]send me an error :unable to read frontmatter at filepos`

In my view between two quotes "" the string should accept specials characters

a part of my json

                                "title":"3e Rac",
                                "description":"1 voisin(s)",

I hope you understand my «froggy english» :slightly_smiling:


You have to escape \ -> \\
\b, \n etc. are special ascii characters (backspace, return…).

yes i know the fix but in my view i think it’s a bug, because jSon Hugo parser should parse the string between the double quote.

Hugo uses the Go parser, so any issues with this should be reported here:

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